call 4 partners – KA1

We are looking for partners for KA1 projects within the frame of Erasmus Plus Programme, if you are interested in becoming a partner, please send us e-mail to: in the subject write the name of the project. Don’t forget to attach your Partner Identification From! Please send it till 14th of April 2016!
Below please find the descriptions of the projects:

Youth Exchange – “Movie it!”
Video – king in the net. „Movie it” is a multilateral 8-day long youth exchange which aims to enhance youngster’s communication skills as well as to show them an effective way to communicate using video as a tool within the frame of Erasmus+ Programme. It will gather 40 youngsters from different European countries and it will be held in Środa Wielkopolska, Poland from 16 to 23 of November 2016. Each day we will use the methodology of non-formal education such as, simulations, brainstorming, role-playing and open space discussions in order to introduce to participants the issue of communication skills and social media. As a final result participants will create a video, which will present to recipients what is communication and why it is so important. This video will be uploaded on different types of social networks in order to reach the largest audience.

Contact Making Event “Have you met me?”
In Europe there are many non-governmental organizations that work with and for youth, but often they lack strong partnerships, through which they can develop and create more opportunities for their target groups. Contact Making Event, called “Have you met me?” will bring to Hermanów, Poland from 26 of October to 1st of November, 24 youth leaders, youth workers, trainers and project managers, it aims to enhance cooperation and create new partnerships between organizations from European counties within Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ Programme. We will focus on creating a safe space for the representatives of invited organizations to share their experience and best practices in the field of youth. With the help of different activates of non-formal education participants will understand the importance of networking as well as they will create new project within Erasmus+ Programme. As a result of this project participants will build, new long-lasting partnerships and will prepare next Erasmus+ projects for their future cooperation.

Training “Don’t wait and create”
Training course “Don’t wait and create” aims to empower participants and get them to know tools and steps to put entrepreneurial ideas into a concrete action plan to realize them. Project will be held in Hermanów, Poland in January 2017 and will gather 24 youth workers, youth leaders, trainers. During this TC participants will be involved in different types of activities through the methodology of non-formal education, such as: role-playing, simulations, brainstorming, plenary discussions and ice-breakers. We will focus also on promotion of a tool to recognize gained competences – Youthpass certificate. As a result of this project participants will create a manual that will transfer business concepts into non-formal learning, and adapt these concepts in simple and ready to use tools for developing entrepreneurial projects.