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Stowarzyszenie na rzecz Inicjatyw Lokalnych Społeczności “SILS” – Association for local community initiatives “SILS”

Established in 2010, from the beginning focused on non-formal youth education placed on rural areas. Main aim is to work with young people who are entering the labor market and prepare them for this part of life. Workshops that we do are focused on: entrepreneurial , foreign languages, first aid, labor market, team building and local societies issues. For such projects we are successfully  gaining money from government and EU grants. We have made also a step forward and now we can give new possibilities to young people  we are working with and show them what being a EU citizen means.

For Erasmus YE we cooperate with local high schools, so we have possibilities to create groups of participants from age 15 till 19, but thanks to our experience  and people from previous projects we can also arrange groups of students.  We deal with youth from rural areas where alcohol abuse or lack of diet awareness is a serious problem. Their experience from homes and schools with obesity, alcohol consumption and other substances can be a added value. Our team members have large and different life experience from being a parent, worker, student or entrepreneur. We have gone through all life and healthy stages. From lazynes to become a runner or athletic lover or from fast food consumer to healthy food fan.

In 2016 we started our Erasmus+ journey. First approved youth exchange was “Movie it”. multilateral 8-day long project which aims to enhance youngster’s communication skills as well as to show the effective way to communicate using video as a tool within the frame of Erasmus+ Programme. It gathered 42 youngsters including 6 youth leaders from Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Spain, Poland and Slovakia and it was held in Środa Wielkopolska, Poland from 16 to 23 of November 2016. This project was be an opportunity for young people to understand what are communication skills, why do we need it and how to get to people through a video. Participants had not only straighten their cultural competences, by working in an intercultural environment, but also grasped the concept of tolerance and mutual understanding. Each day we used the methodology of non-formal education such as, simulations, brainstorming, role-playing and open space discussions in order to introduce to participants the issue of communication skills and social media.

Our Erasmus+ partnerships:

Sport Your Mind | Cyprus | 09/01/2017 – 17/01/2017

Peace of Cake | United Kingdom | 19/01/2017 – 27/01/2017

Business Basics – An Applied Approach to Business | United Kingdom | 12/08/2017 – 20/08/2017

Employ+ | Cyprus | 18/09/2017 – 26/09/2017

Entrepreneur’s Manual | United Kingdom | 04/12/2017 – 12/12/2017

Increasing Employability by Understanding the Labour Market | Cyprus | 23/10/2019 – 31/10/2019

Ready for the Next Age | Romania | 12/12/2019 – 20/12/2019

Understanding Our Human Rights for a Better EU  | Cyprus | 16/01/2020 – 24/01/2020

Youth Made Earth | Cyprus | 03/06/2021 – 11/06/2021

Employment Opportunities Using Our Natural Resources | Cyprus | 03/06/2021 – 11/06/2021

Empowered Citizenship | Cyprus | 02/09/2021 – 10/09/2021

The Future of Our Wellbeing | Romania | 21/10/2021 – 29/10/2021


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